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Camping beginners in particular are often put off by the size of motorhomes at the beginning – can I even maneuver with this large vehicle? Manufacturers who offer short and compact motorhomes can therefore score particularly well with beginners. The Italian brand Roller Team has so far had little choice for friends of short campers. That will change in 2021 with three new models with a total length of less than six meters. They are part of the Kronos entry-level series.

The Roller Team Kronos 291 is an alcove model that offers a transverse bed in the rear and another double bed under the alcove hood. An L-shaped seat in the Kronos 291 connects to the driver’s seats, which are rotatable. Behind it is the bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.

Opposite is the compact kitchen unit with integrated sink and stove with three-burner gas cooker and a 140-liter refrigerator connected to it. The high transverse bed in the rear can only be climbed with a ladder. Underneath is the continuous rear garage, into which – despite the compact outer length – even bulky objects can fit. Thanks to a door under the rear bed, you have direct access to the garage from the inside.

In terms of basic layout, the equally new Kronos 291 P is also integrated. Instead of an alcove bed, this model offers a fold-down bed above the front seating area. While the alcove model has four beds, the semi-integrated has space for three people. The fold-down bed is optionally available.

The special thing about Roller Team is that you can choose between a Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit as the base vehicle for all new models. Apart from the logo of the base vehicle, the exterior looks appealing and modern with the gluing of red and anthracite-colored elements. The interior is quieter with unexcited colors. The cabinet fronts in high-gloss white contrast well with the dark wood of the furniture. The white-beige fabric of the seats and the seat is nice, but maybe not entirely child-friendly.

Prices start at € 41,906 for the semi-integrated Roller Team Kronos 291 on Ford or € 43,856 on Fiat, and € 42,880 or € 44,830 for the alcove.

Space for 6 people in the 271 m

If you want even more sleeping space, you could find a suitable mobile with the new Roller Team Kronos 271 M. In the rear, the alcove offers two single-bed bunk beds, in the alcove hood above the cab, the car houses a double bed. This creates a little more space for a dinette, which can be converted into two more, narrower beds. Like the 291 models, this 6-meter alcove offers a compact bathroom with a rotating toilet, sink and shower facility. And even for cook fans, the mobile is equipped with a three-burner stove, refrigerator, sink and storage space.

This compact family alcove should also be well received by landlords. At Roller Team, this idea also played a role in the construction of the vehicle. The price of the 271 model has not yet been determined.


One can hardly complain about the price-performance ratio of the new Roller Team models. Those who can accommodate an entire family in compact dimensions have everything they need on board. A good solution for beginners. However, nothing is known about the actual payload, which plays an important role in practice.