Air conditioning Bugatti Chiron could cool your home

Since the Geneva Motor Show 2016, the Chiron has been at the start as the successor to the legendary super sports car Veyron – and to this day, the 2.856 million euro hypercar delivers a lot of fascinating technical details. New: the technology of the huge air conditioning system.

As with the Veyron, a powerful eight-liter W16 with exhaust gas turbochargers and intercoolers works as a mid-engine in the Chiron, releasing its power on all four wheels. A seven-speed dual clutch transmission is installed for power transmission. Instead of multipoint injection, the engine receives a duplex fuel injection with 32 injectors. This is how the Euro 6 standard is met.

The technology of the Bugatti Chiron

In terms of performance, the Bugatti Chiron has 1,500 hp and a maximum torque of 1,600 Nm. According to computer simulations, the top speed should be 463 km / h, now Bugatti reports 420 km / h – at this speed, the new Hyper-Car runs into the limiter. Without a speed limiter, there should be a real 458 km / h. The sprint from zero to 100 things should take place in 2.4 seconds. One can only speculate about the fuel consumption, it should be less than 20 liters per 100 kilometers, the CO2 emissions at 516 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Various electronic helpers support the driver in the 1,995 kg super sports car with a carbon chassis. In addition, an easy-to-drift button is on board, with which the all-wheel drive Chiron can intentionally and oversteer. You can find further technical data in our table.

The details of the Bugatti Chiron Sport

The Bugatti Chiron Sport should have significantly improved handling properties and, according to the carmaker, provide more agility. The performance data of the super sports car remain unchanged with the handling package, however, the suspension has been defined 10 percent more tightly and the steering adjusted. The driver accesses these settings via the handling mode, which is to differ significantly from the EB mode.

The vehicle weight was also reduced by 18 kilograms. Bugatti installed new alloy wheels for this purpose, but the increased use of carbon fiber, for example on the stabilizers, the intercooler cover or the newly developed windscreen wipers, also contributed to the vehicle diet. The CFRP wipers alone, whose joints are incorporated into the carbon fiber structure, mean a weight reduction of 1.4 kg compared to the standard wiper. In addition, there is even lighter glass on the rear wall of the vehicle and a lighter exhaust cover.

As a result of this measure, the Bugatti Chiron Sport is supposed to achieve a higher speed in corners and was able to complete the lap on the handling course in Nardo in southern Italy five seconds faster than a Chiron without the sport add-on.

The real time data

The Bugatti Chiron doesn’t just want to shine through technical superlatives in hardware. The brand is also taking a special path when it comes to “Connected Car”.

The connection of the Chiron to the digital world is used to connect the car to customer service. Racing technology for the road, because like the technicians in the pits at a car race, the Bugatti headquarters is always aware of the condition of the delivered car.

The telemetry system, which was already used in the predecessor Veyron 16.4, was further developed for the Bugatti Chiron. Diagnostics are now possible in real time.

If the customer has given their consent for the data transfer in advance, they can, for example, receive information about a tire pressure that is no longer correct from a Bugatti technician at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim, France. As long as the Bugatti Chiron is in an area with a mobile network, the factory has over 10,000 data from the engine, transmission, chassis and infotainment in a virtual view around the clock.

The mechanic responsible for a particular vehicle in the hands of the customer, known as Flying Doctor at Bugatti, can order the necessary spare parts in the event of an error message while making an appointment with the customer. Repairs can then be carried out directly on site. Not a bad service, with a service network with 34 companies around the world that is rather coarse-meshed.

The 14 cm wide, 5 cm high and 10 cm long telemetry box is not only used to analyze the data from 30 control systems in the car. With their help, the location of a stolen Bugatti Chiron can also be determined.