Fuel cell trucks for Switzerland

In addition to the Nexo, which is already available in small quantities, Hyundai also uses fuel cell technology for trucks. In 2018, the Hyundai Xcient study was shown at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show and a fleet trial in Switzerland was announced. The Koreans are on schedule. The first ten copies of the Xcient Fuell Cell have now been shipped and are on their way to Europe. By the end of 2020, 50 of these trucks will be in service with a Swiss freight forwarder. The manufacturer plans to use 1,600 vehicles by 2025.

Two fuel cell units, each with a maximum output of 95 kW, produce 190 kW (258 hp). A total of 32.09 kg of hydrogen is stored in seven tanks. Depending on the body and permissible total weight, the range should be up to 400 kilometers before the truck is refueled in eight to 20 minutes.

Green hydrogen in the tanks

According to the plans, this should only happen with “green hydrogen”, which is obtained 100 percent from hydropower and renewable sources. Hyundai has founded a joint venture with the Swiss company H2 Energy. The locally emission-free Hyundai Xcient is made by the otherwise due in Switzerland HVF (heavy goods vehicle tax), which among other things. on the exhaust gas values, exempt. The operation of the fuel cell truck is said to be at the cost level of a diesel.

In addition to the Xcient Fuel Cell, Hyundai is developing a fuel cell tractor for long-distance transport, which should cover a range of 1,000 kilometers with one tank of fuel. This truck is not only to be used in Europe, but also in North America.

Heavy and space-consuming batteries as well as long charging times prevent the use of battery-electric trucks in everyday freight forwarding. The hour of the fuel cell is likely to strike here – especially if it is proven that green hydrogen is used.