Up to a hundred in 2 seconds: an ultra-fast racing car appeared in Ukraine

The White Rocket dragster is equipped with a huge 11-liter V8 with 1178 horsepower. With. A light car weighing 800 kg reaches 300 km/h in 7-8 seconds.

In Kyiv, at the Chaika circuit, they noticed a very non-standard White Rocket racing car. This is the only modern dragster of the Strela type in Ukraine.

Such cars are built specifically for drag racing – sprint races in a straight line. White Rocket was created in the USA by order of Ukrainian racer Dmitry Paleshko and he was supposed to take part in the championships of Ukraine and Europe in drag racing.

The war prevented these plans, but the dragster nevertheless arrived in Ukraine. Dmitry Paleshko still hopes to take part in it at competitions in the UAE.

White Rocket reaches 8 m in length and weighs 800 kg. It is equipped with a huge 11.0-liter naturally aspirated V8, complemented by injection of nitrous oxide. The engine develops 1178 hp. With. and allows you to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 2 s, and up to 300 km/h in 7-8 s.

On tests in the USA, the dragster drove ¼ mile (402 m) from a standstill in 7 seconds. In Ukraine, it was tested more carefully on the Chaika, but on a 250-meter stretch, it was able to accelerate to 200 km/h.

The White Rocket dragster from Ukraine