RS3-R, the king of poisonous gnomes

The Abt RS3-R (2022) marks the ultimate performance level of the Ingolstadt compact rocket. The tuning for the Audi RS 3 not only attracts with 500 hp (368 kW) and 300 km/h Vmax!

Admittedly, the Abt RS3-R (2022) is neither a real dwarf nor does it hide poisonous fangs behind its visible carbon attachments, not even in the effect-seeking Kyalami green. In a figurative sense, however, because on the one hand refiner Abt has already made Audi models of significantly larger caliber legs and on the other hand 500 hp (368 kW) are waiting in the engine compartment to light up the 911 under the rear axle.

Audi RS3-R

That’s right: Abt once again thought big and squeezed a whopping 100 additional hp and newton meters out of the standard five-cylinder Audi RS 3. All that was needed was a new intercooler including a control unit. And the sprint time of 3.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h shows that 500 hp and 600 Newton meters are not only noticeable on the data sheet. The Abt RS3-R (2022) takes half a second off the basic model and thus catapults itself into spheres in which ten-year-old super sports cars such as the Ferrari 458 are also on the move. The freely bookable Vmax increase to 300 km/h is also rampant in the super sports car area.

ABT RS3-R (2022): tuning for the AUDI RS 3

The thrill of speed in the Abt RS3-R (2022) is part of the myABTApp, which also offers an insight into the performance values of the compact athlete. Apart from that, the tuning lures with sporty aprons including four large tailpipes, which should celebrate the sound fireworks of the five-cylinder even more potently.

Particularly light 20-inch forged wheels also underline the sporty look of the Audi RS 3. With new suspension springs, sports stabilizers and an optional threaded sports suspension made of stainless steel, lateral dynamics enthusiasts also get their money’s worth. However, due to the limitation, there will only be 200 lucky people who can put the Abt RS3-R (2022) in their garage. The Kempteners are still keeping a low profile on the price, but the poison dwarf should undoubtedly put the crown on it here too.