Popular Haval crossovers have fallen in price in Russia

In the Russian Federation, HAVAL F7 and F7X cars fell in price from September 1, 2022

In Russia, two Haval crossovers fell in price – the classic F7 and the coupe F7x. The cost of the first has decreased by 80-120 thousand rubles, and the second has become cheaper by 50-80 thousand rubles, while at the same time having risen in price in one of the configurations by 30 thousand rubles. Autonews of the Day learned about this during regular monitoring of the brand’s price lists.

So, Haval F7 fell in price in all its trim levels, except for the top-end and most “technological” Tech Plus trim – its cost has not changed and is still 3,249,000 rubles. The Premium version, in turn, became more affordable by 80 thousand rubles, Elite – by 80-110 thousand rubles, and the basic version of Comfort distinguished itself by the strongest price reduction, which immediately fell in price by 120 thousand rubles.

Prices for the coupe-shaped Haval F7x have changed in different directions: six of its configurations have fallen in price, and one – the same Tech Plus – on the contrary, has risen in price by 30 thousand rubles. The Comfort, Elite and Premium versions have become more accessible, the prices for which have decreased by 90 thousand, 50-80 thousand and 50 thousand rubles, respectively.

Technically, crossovers have not changed. Even with the update that they experienced in February, two petrol “turbo-fours” remained in their range of engines: a 1.5-liter with 150 hp. and 2.0-liter 190 hp A pair of both motors is a seven-speed “robot”, and the drive can be either front or full.

Note that the current price reduction is the third for Haval this year. The last time the Havals fell was in July, when the Jolion, F7 and F7x crossovers (facelifted and pre-facelifted) became available at a discount that cut their MSRP by $2,900.