Lamborghini to launch two V12 models in 2021

One of them is a hybrid with a power plant like the Sian

Lamborghini ended 2020 with a record profit. And this is against the backdrop of a decline in revenue and sales, as well as a forced 70-day downtime due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the main thing is still different. Along with the announcement of financial results, the Italian manufacturer announced two new products – both will receive a V12 engine and will debut before the end of this year.

Lamborghini’s revenue fell 11 percent last year to 1.61 billion euros. Car sales over the same period fell by 9.4 percent (to 7,340 units), but this is still the second best result in the entire history of the brand after 2019 (8,205 units). The USA remained the largest sales market (2224), followed by Germany (607); Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau (604); Japan (600); Great Britain (517) and Italy (347).

Plans for 2021 include the launch of two new V12-powered products. The Italians do not disclose details, but according to the publication Autocar, the company is preparing a certain model with a power plant, like the Sian FKP 37. Perhaps we are talking about another limited supercar. In addition, this year will mark 50 years since the premiere of the Countach prototype – and this may also be a reason for the release of an anniversary version, for example, of the same “Aventador”.

The Huracan STO has not been forgotten either. The commercial launch of the model is scheduled for this year. The supercar received a petrol “aspirated” V10 5.2 (640 forces and 565 Nm) with a seven-speed “robot” LDF and accelerates to a hundred in three seconds exactly. The STO is 43 kilograms lighter than the Performante and has 53 percent more downforce, thanks in part to the manually adjustable wing.